Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cher - The Breast Augmentation Showgirl:

Cher the eternal showgirl is back on stage and this time it’s in fabulous Las Vegas where she has been booked for performances in Caesar Palace for three years. I just knew the world hadn’t seen the last of her after her Farewell Tour ended in 2005.

For a 61-year-old, Cher doesn’t look all that bad, in fact she looks smashing!

Of course she has had help from plastic surgery along the way, but hey, it has been completely worth it. Beginning from a rhinoplasty and moving on to a breast augmentation and from there moving on to a face lift, Cher has made some commendable cosmetic surgery decisions.

The breast augmentation procedure was something Cher decided to have after the birth of her child Chastity in 1969. At that time she exclaimed, “I couldn't bear to see them deflate” reflecting sentiments expressed by a lot of small/medium-breasted women who delight in their swollen breasts during and post-pregnancy.

Her decision to have a breast surgery also stems from her intense struggle to keep away Old Man Time. Cher went in for a few cosmetic surgery procedures so that she could preserve her body and ensure her place in the showbiz and glamor business that is dominated almost entirely by pretty young things.

One thing cannot be denied though, Cher is an enduring classic and amen to that!

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